What We Offer


What Exactly Do We Do?

If we had a rupee for each time people got the answer to this question wrong, we’d open a new store in Bangalore. No, we don’t “help poor people”, we’re not an NGO, we don’t “just make regular custom-made clothes”, we’re not even a boutique - then what on earth are we? 


Forget everything else. 

We’re just fellow travellers with you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. 


The Umbara Experience

Umbara is a comforting presence at a crossroads. At a time when your path seems uncertain or even brand-new, Team Umbara has fully grasped a way in which they can help you in their own, unique way. Crossroads have a way of making one feel alone or misguided - at such a time, our team steps in and takes you along your own journey, using your own persona and energies as a guiding light. 


When you first walk into our space, Rama will do nothing but talk to you. Her aim is to get to know you as a person - what drives you, what moves you, what brought you to her. Through these conversations with you, she paints a picture of you, with you - you are the muse, you are the medium. Her hands and heart translate the story of you to what you need going ahead.


At Umbara, we understand that your clothes need to evolve as you do. We have nothing to do with the beauty or glamour of dressing you - it all boils down to your essence, your strengths, your innate qualities, and what drives you. These are the threads that Rama teases out along with you, to weave into a tapestry that is yours and yours alone. The colours she fills, the patterns she traces, they are all you, and you are all of them. 


When Do You Need An Appointment With Us

  • If you feel like your current wardrobe or style isn’t quite ‘you’ anymore
  • If you’re at a crossroads, donning a new avatar in a new space
  • If you feel like a change in your life must be reflected through all aspects of your being
  • If you want a professional opinion on your style 


This isn’t a ‘makeover’. You won’t be spending huge amounts of money on this. What we do, and what Rama channels to you is simply a sustainable way of making a marked change - baby steps, gradual evolution. Patterns are designed and evolve over a period of time such that you get time to sit with your new sense of style for a cup of tea by the window.     Rama is assisted by technicians trained by her to understand body, shape, fit and the design process.


Get In Touch With Us

Write to us at umbaradesignsonline@gmail.com or WhatsApp on 7259978731 with your request, and we’ll get back to you. Our schedule and commitments permit us to have three visitors per week, and accommodate three face to face meetings with Rama per month.