Schedule a Visit

When is a face to face meeting with Rama useful or necessary?

  • If your wardrobe needs a rehaul – you feel that your current wardrobe is underutilised or inadequate or does not reflect ‘you’ anymore.
  • You are going through a transition in life – you have more social engagements, you have been promoted to a senior position etc. and your clothing needs to reflect this transition.
  • You need professional inputs to fine-tune your style of dressing.

You may have a need that is not described above, feel free to write to us and tell us why you want a face to face meeting!

What happens during and after a meeting?

Rama will interact with you to understand the unique person that you are, your
circumstances, background, social and professional identities and your clothing needs and wants. Please budget at least three hours for this meeting.

In the days that follow, Rama will absorb the inputs given and reflect upon them. We will then draw up a plan of work for the various items of clothing commissioned.

How is this process different from a ‘makeover’?

We believe that an image makeover makes one feel in the limelight for a short period, only to quickly rebound to the former ‘self’. And, in the process, you incur huge expenditure! On the other hand, in our approach, the transition from ‘former self’ to ‘new self’ is done at a gradual pace. Patterns and designs are evolved over a period of time in such a fashion that you feel you belong to the newer style elements suggested.

The impact is far more sustainable than following the dictates of fashion.

Visits to Umbara

If you would like to visit Umbara to observe our team at work, please let us know. We are open for visitors on Wednesdays between 10 am and 1 pm. Do bear in mind that our women are not trained for interaction with customers, and so your visit will need to be self-guided.

How to fix an appointment

Write to us at  or WhatsApp on 7259978731 with your request. We will get back to you. Our work schedule and commitments allow us to have three visitors a week at Umbara and accommodate three face to face meetings with Rama a month.