Top 10 Types of Blouses Available at Umbara

When we talk about women's clothing- Ethnic or Western, most of the time it’s related to something trendy and fashionable and some luxe designer styles or some hot-chic patterns. But wait, this is not what Umbara is all about. It’s beyond all these and that is what makes it a different one and for that Umbara feels proud. It absolutely understands that with you, your clothing style needs to change too. Well, it won’t make you look prettier or bring any glamour to your attire because it believes you just don’t need it. Rather, it believes in making that is you, that will resemble you- from the colors, patterns and designs, each and every detail in it will tell about you and how amazing you are. Keeping your every quality and strength Umbara brings life to your every emotion in the form of threads and weaves. So, let’s have a look at the Top 10 Types of Blouses Umbara offers to you, each showcasing a different mood and version of yours.

BLOUSES Online in India
  1. Applique Blouses - The term applique means needlework designing by bringing and stitching smaller pieces of fabrics onto a larger one to give a form of a picture or pattern. These are totally comfortable fitting blouses, fabricated with 100% cotton and having no extra padding or lining added to it. Some of the best-selling color combination options here are- peach and orange, pink and blue, black and leaf, green and cream and many more.
  2. Indian Motifs Blouses - Motifs simply mean something designed repeatedly to form any particular pattern. Here, through the collection of Indian Motifs blouses, Umbara brings together the rich Indian culture and detailed machine embroidery together to put the best up for you. Some of its examples are- Teal Cotton Embroidered Blouse, Grey Cotton Embroidered, Mango Cotton Embroidered Blouse, etc.
  3. Brocade Blouses - A rich fabric woven with any raised pattern as in gold or silver threads is basically called a brocade one. This is a perfect fit to put on at any festival or special occasion. These sleeveless brocade-styled blouses are available in many colors- black, dark blue and teal, creamy yellow, grey, multicolor, bronze, honey and many more are there to be added to this list.
  4. Kalamkari Blouses - Kalamkari is a type of art in which the designs are made and painted on the fabric by hand itself. Umbara has a wide range of exquisite hues for you to match up to you. They have bewitching sleeves with some really contrasting edging on their necklines. Some of the best-selling blouses in these category are- Half white short sleeves. Orange long sleeve, Black and Orange long sleeve, Blue long sleeve etc.
  5. Khun Blouses - These types of blouses are famous for wearing in Maharashtra and Karnataka. These are preferred to be of a very versatile type because of so many colors used in them in the form of a color blocking patterns. Here, these are embroidered with the Indian lotus designs with the jewel colors captured in silken yarns on cotton warp. Some of the color combination Khun Blouses are- Persian Blue and Lime Lotus Khun Blouse, Sleeveless Teal and Grey Khun Blouse, Honey and Maroon Lotus Khun Blouse, Forest Green and Magenta Khun Blouse, etc.
  6. Mirror Work Blouses - Umbara brings to you not those traditionally embroidered mirror work blouses but a newly designed collection with the addition of Ajrakh or Kalamkari in it. These are just perfect for women like you for any occasion to even office-going purposes. Ajarakh Kutchu blouse- cream and brown, Lilac Cotton Mirror work blouse, Magenta Cotton Mirror work blouse and many more are there in this list to explore for you.
  7. Stripes Blouses - Bringing together the traditional Indian choli style with the modern western cut in it. These Stripes Blouses look totally impressive with the contrasting stripes and adorable neck design. Stripes Brocade Blouse, Multicolored Cotton Striped Rekha Neck Blouse, Red Cotton Checks Rekha Neck Blouse, Fuschia Cotton Striped Rekha Neck Blouse are some of the examples in this category.
  8. Ajrakh Peplum Blouse - Ajrakh blouses are another form of unique block printing, which requires printing and washing the fabric over and over again with different kinds of natural dyes. To this, Umbara brings a twist by adding an interesting flair and cutting at its elbows and multipoint button upfront, which could be slaying to pair it up with skirts to sarees.
  9. Nely Embroidery Blouses - This category includes blouses with small pleats edging at the neck, having hem design at sleeves and lining patterns covering the whole of it. Some of the different blouse colors available in this category are- Grey and white, olive green and white, mustard yellow and black, silver and white and denim blue and white.
  10. Gandaberunda Blouses - Gandaberunda blouses are designed, especially thinking about the women of today- bold, strong, independent and powerful. The word “Gandaberunda”, basically is the two-headed eagle from Indian Mythology, which possesses incredible strength and power. This design is embroidered in the backside of the blouses of various colors, as in Half white, Blue and white and even in brocade style.

Well, these are only some of the best collections and there are many more to this for you to explore and discover what suits you the best. Umbara tries to bring out the thoughts you want to flaunt and celebrates your every style through varied designs and embroideries on its blouses. Must visit the website here, and surely share your views on it and what you like the most about it.

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