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Chindi Si Baat: From Rags to Rewarding Experiences

Umbara’s Unlock stories have shown you the journey that Rama and the Umbara women went on, together. It has been a journey of shared stories, hopes, pains, obstacles, triumph, creation, and empowerment. The creation of an entire line of products from scraps of cloth, that too in such unprecedented times, was in no way an easy job. What drove the women was not just a wish to do something with their time, but also a need to establish their own centres of power within themselves. Rama understood the different aspects of this process and mindspace. At Umbara, we depend on our women. Their resilience, strength, and grace never fail to leave us awestruck. To them, sewing and creating these products...

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Of courage and creation: The Making of Umbara’s ‘Unlock Series’

It hasn’t been easy at all, for anyone, to make the most of the lockdown. These are uncertain times, and life is now more than ever a factor of what we do with it. The unusual thing at Umbara, something that gives us strength and joy, is the tenacity of the team not to bow down to difficult situations. It is important for us to chronicle the learnings and the breakthroughs that the team worked with to overcome the situations that being closer to grassroots often entails. Barriers and their breakingFor women, a usual barrier is the inability to step out of their homes, there is the pressure of managing the household, juggling responsibilities, and the inevitable restrictions brought by...

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