What We Offer

Umbara goes much beyond regular tailoring services with a professional approach to the creation of custom clothing for women, men and children.

  • We develop style sheets based on your body and personality type, the context in which the clothing will be worn and of course, your budget. The result is a design library, just for you.
  • Fabrics are sourced based on specifications.
  • We develop 'fit patterns' over 2-3 sittings; these would culminate in fit pieces that are preserved at Umbara. These ensure that a perfect fit is replicated across multiple garments that you may commission with us, irrespective of change in the workswoman.  Prices for fit pieces vary from Rs.500 to Rs.750. All variances of the silhouette are taken into consideration in one fit piece. For e.g., if you invest in a fit piece for a sari blouse with
    U" neck and half sleeve, then all similar neckline and sleeve lengths are considered. A fit piece for a long leg pant would work well for shorts, and 3/4 lengths.
  • We recommend that you try out the finished pieces of clothing in our presence so that we take care of any fine-tuning of the fit and fall of the garment. However, we also offer the option of delivery to your doorstep, for an additional fee. 

Wardrobe Audit

Often, women face the conundrum of an overflowing wardrobe along with a feeling of ‘I have nothing to wear’. A wardrobe audit addresses this problem, as the outcome is an efficient wardrobe in which every piece of clothing would be worn at least once in 45 days.

An audit includes a re-haul exercise - sieving for treasures, restoring those that can be given new life through repair or rework, upcycling a few items, and also giving away those that no longer serve your needs.

A wardrobe audit costs Rs. 2500 to Rs. 5000 depending on the needs of the client and can be of a duration ranging from half a day to two days. 

Specialised Services

We offer the following specialised services for clients with whom we have long-standing relationships:

Personal shopper:

Design source:

Sourcing leads: 

Bulk Supply

Attention: Fabric and Ready-to-wear Garment Sellers 

Offer Your Customers Umbara's Edge!

  • Machine and hand wash finishes 
  • Range of sizes from 32 to 50 (XY no of sizes)
  • Option to create your own design line (for large volume orders)
  • Flexibility to purchase on returnable basis (bulk orders for exhibitions)

Minimum order quantity - 4 pieces per design style (sizes and colours can vary). And 12pcs per order. Timeline - 3-6 weeks from order to delivery. Delivery Mode - Free shipment within Bangalore. Other destinations through courier service at actual costs.